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Rivera on Cut, Cap, Balance: A Long-Term Solution to Our Country's Spending Addiction


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) released the following statement in support of the bill:

"America is at a fiscal crossroads. For too long, our government has spent money without a sense of accountability or responsibility. As a result, our nation is faced with an unprecedented $14 trillion national debt, and trillion dollar annual deficits. The consequent insecurity for job creators has led to consistently high unemployment rates.

"We have an opportunity to implement a long-term solution to our country's spending addiction. An opportunity to pass on a country to our future generations with the same promise for prosperity as the one that we have known--a country that encourages entrepreneurship and investment, promotes economic prosperity and rewards innovation and success. We have an opportunity to pass on a country where the American dream is alive and well.

"The Cut, Cap and Balance Act is that solution. This legislation contains three components that would begin to put us back on the path to fiscal responsibility. The bill cuts spending to substantially reduce the deficit for years to come. It caps federal spending in relation to gross domestic product and amends the Constitution of the United States to require the federal government to balance the federal budget.

"I support the Cut, Cap, Balance Act because it would restore fiscal responsibility now, and prevent future politicians from going back to continuous deficit spending."

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