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Statement from John Kerry on the Assault Weapons Ban

Location: St. Louis, MO

September 10, 2004

Statement from John Kerry on the Assault Weapons Ban

For Immediate Release

St. Louis, MO - Senator John Kerry issued the following statement today on the assault weapons ban, which is set to expire on Monday:

"Four years ago, George Bush said he'd stand with and protect America's police officers by extending the assault weapons ban - which keeps the most dangerous assault weapons off our streets. The same weapons that America's police officers want off our streets, not just to fight ordinary crime but to take on terrorists. In fact, an al Qaeda training manual recovered in Afghanistan included a chapter urging terrorists to get assault weapons in the United States. Why is George Bush making the job of the terrorists easier and making the job for America's police officers harder?

"Here's the answer: the NRA put the squeeze on George Bush and they're spending tens of millions of dollars to support his campaign. So now, the president is saying with a wink and a smile that he'll extend the assault weapons ban if Congress sends it to him. And Congress says they'll send it to him if he asks for it.

"But time is running out. The assault weapons ban will expire on Monday.

"Here's the question: is George Bush going to stand with special interests or with the safety of the American people? He has 72 hours to decide.

"Let me be very clear. I support the second amendment. I've been a hunter all my life. But I don't think we need to make the job of the terrorists any easier. I stand with the vast majority of the American people and call on George W. Bush to protect our police - and our security - and keep assault weapons off our streets."

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