Issue Position: Immigration Reform

Issue Position

By:  Alan Nunnelee
Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Location: Unknown

The issue of illegal immigration has become one of the most important debates in Congress and throughout the United States as the American people have begun to understand how the federal government's failure to address illegal immigration has negatively impacted our communities.Illegal immigration brings with it a host of problems. First, it costs the American taxpayers a great deal of money. Illegal immigrants use our medical services, draw on state and federal assistance, and take advantage of our educational system for their children - all at the cost of U.S. citizens. Many of these illegal immigrants are criminals, and the cost to incarcerate them uses significant amounts of taxpayer dollars. As we attempt to combat terrorism around the globe, illegal immigrants pose a security threat to the United States while so many undocumented individuals are able to illegally enter our country with such impunity.

Illegal employment is one of the driving forces of illegal immigration and a contributing factor to our nation's current debt problem. In these harsh economic times, it is important to make sure illegal aliens are not in the workforce. The ability of employers to rely on illegal labor must be stopped.

I oppose amnesty and entitlement benefits for illegal immigrants and I believe the first step towards addressing the illegal immigration problem is through securing our borders and meaningful enforcement of our immigration laws.

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