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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript




DAVE HANSEN (D), WISCONSIN STATE SENATOR: Well, it is pretty loud here, Ed. But I want to thank you for all you"ve done for the movement. I hope the movement tonight really continues as we move into the next eight recall elections.

We have really had tremendous volunteer help in northeastern Wisconsin, throughout Wisconsin, and throughout this country. People believe in what we"re doing, standing up for working men and women of the state. They"re seniors, our veterans.

We are going to continue to make a difference, Ed. You be there with us. We"re going to get the majority back in the state senate with your help.

SCHULTZ: Well, we are going to broadcasting there obviously on the eight and ninth of August. But this was one where many people thought that maybe you weren"t going to survive this challenge.

The outcome tonight, how do you feel about it? How heavy a lift was it?

HANSEN: We are really, really excited. You know, we fought the good fight. We didn"t take anything for granted. We went after it. We won two to one. Hopefully this is the momentum builder we need for the next eight races, where we get the majority back.

That"s goal. We have to continue to fight for working men and women. They count for a lot. They"re important consumers. That has been forgotten in the Walker administration. The fight must continue. And we are going to get it done.

SCHULTZ: Senator, are you surprised in the dog days of summer, when it is almost 100 degrees out consistently, that people have such intensity in an off year election, to go out and do what they did today? Your thoughts on that.

HANSEN: Well, I"m not surprised because the enthusiasm in this area and the whole state of Wisconsin behind us, we really do have the wind at our back. And we"re going to make a difference. We just want balance in government again.

Wisconsin is a progressive state. We do not want to be Mississippi.
And that"s what we are approaching now.


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