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Kate For Nevada


Location: Unknown

I'm Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall and I'm running as a Democrat in the special election for Nevada's 2nd Congressional seat. The special election is September 13, 2011 and it can be the second lean Republican seat Democrats can take back this year. My Republican opponent is Mark Amodei and he is currently running a very extremist TV ad against President Obama. David Nir of Daily Kos calls it the "nutbag Mark Amodei ad."

Nev. GOP candidate raises specter of Chinese takeover

Help me send a message to the right-wing Republicans in Congress that they are out of touch with main stream America. Right now we need a meaningful jobs bill to get Americans back to work, not more hot air empty rhetoric. We can remind Republicans that Medicare means seniors have a safety net they can rely on because they have earned it! We owe that to our parents and grandparents, and in Congress I'll fight to make sure that Medicare and Social Security are kept intact.

This Republican Congress just won't pass a jobs bill, but they voted against ending subsidies to oil companies who continue to make record profits. And they want to slash Medicare & Social Security. We can do so much better than that. As Nevada's Treasurer, I have a record of protecting our tax dollars, standing up to big Wall Street banks who manipulate the system and take advantage of hard working Americans, and prioritizing college savings programs to develop the workforce of tomorrow. In Congress I will focus on the things we care about: education, affordable health care and jobs.

We can win this seat with your help. This is the first opportunity in a Presidential swing state to show the Republicans that hope is alive and we aren't going to let them beat us.

P.S. Check out this video that highlights the reckless views of my opponent.

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