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Nevada's Families are My # 1 Priority


Location: Unknown

I grew up in a middle class family that was no stranger to economic hardship. My parents worked hard to put food on table, and at a young age, they taught me the importance of hard work, determination and the value of a dollar. I have carried these lessons with me my entire life.

I became a public servant to help the working families of Nevada and that's what I will do in Congress. In my role as State Treasurer, I have repeatedly held the line for Nevada's families: I have made millions of dollars for Nevada taxpayers through sound investments, eliminated millions of dollars in government waste, made higher education more affordable through college savings plans and prepaid tuition programs, and successfully pushed legislation to create desperately needed jobs for Nevadans.

Despite our nation facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, I was able to add money to the state coffers every single quarter with even-handed financial management and sound investments. As Treasurer, I stood up for working families and seniors in Nevada, and I will continue to fight for them in Congress by protecting their Medicare, Social Security and creating jobs for the Silver State.

This election isn't about Republicans or Democrats, this election is about Nevadans. Nevadans need jobs, and they need a fighter to protect their Medicare and Social Security-- and that's exactly what I'll do in Congress. While Wall Street and Big Oil are making record profits, Congress is foolishly considering balancing the budget on the backs of our seniors and hard working families, but I'm going to fight to stop them. Nevadans earned those benefits and we can't let anyone take them away.

Please join me in my campaign for Nevadans, and click here to see my new ad to learn more about me.

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