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Race to the Finish


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I am overwhelmed by the positive support I have received in just the last week from voters across Nevada's 2nd Congressional District. Nevadans are fired up because they know the stakes couldn't be higher. Right now, lawmakers in Congress are foolishly considering slashing Social Security and Medicare in order to continue tax breaks for the wealthy.

Tax breaks for Big Oil and corporate jets? Cuts to programs that seniors have paid for their entire lives? Those are the wrong priorities and those certainly aren't my priorities. I will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare: the middle class is struggling and it would be wrong to target them to make the rich, richer.

There is no doubt that we need to balance the budget, but we have to do it responsibly. I have a proven record of saving Nevadans money the right way. I renegotiated contracts with banks and saved Nevadans millions, I improved college savings and scholarship programs for students, and I added money to the state coffers during the worst fiscal crisis our country has seen since the Great Depression. In fact, I outperformed benchmarks and made money for Nevada every quarter. Fiscal responsibility is not a partisan issue, it's a pocketbook issue, and I have the experience and steady hand to get our country's finances back in order.

The second Congressional District in Nevada is geographically large, and it has more Republicans than Democrats. However, I have been elected statewide twice, I have been competitive in the North, and I have won heavily populated areas in the district. Most importantly, as we have seen over the last few months, Democrats and Independents are energized and excited to make their voices heard (by the way, congratulations Representatives Hochul and Hahn!).

We've hit the ground running and we will continue working hard until Election Day. Follow me on Twitter (here) and Facebook (here)! Now is the time to turn CD2 blue!

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