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Letter to The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President of the United States


Location: Washington, DC

President Barrack Obama
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

President Obama,

As you undertake the difficult task of crafting a debt reduction package for the good of the country, we write to request that any package you present to Congress includes a recommendation to end unemployment payments to jobless millionaires and billionaires.

Like you, we share a common goal of placing our nation on sound fiscal footing. As we work toward this goal, we would like to ensure that a commonsense, bipartisan reform within the Unemployment Insurance program be included in any deficit reduction agreement. On April 6th, 2011, the Senate unanimously agreed to end the payments of unemployment insurance benefits to people who make over one million dollars. The Senate was in full agreement that unemployment benefits are intended as a social safety net for people who lose their jobs, not to provide extra cushion for the financially well off.

As Congress works with you to make the difficult yet necessary decisions that will define our nation's fiscal priorities, we believe leaders would be remiss to not include this bipartisan and commonsense reform. Inclusion of this provision would save the American taxpayers $20 million annually while resetting the program's function to its intended purpose.

Thank you for considering the inclusion of this proposal in any package of reforms that you submit to the American public and Congress. We look forward to working together to find more commonsense, common-ground solutions.

Jon Tester
Tom Coburn
Mark Udall

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