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House Passes Kissell Amendment to End Ridiculous Baggage Fees Charged to Returning Troops


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Larry Kissell (NC-08) was successful in offering and passing an amendment to H.R. 2219, the Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Act of 2012, to prevent commercial airlines contracted through the DOD the ability to charge unfair excess baggage fees to the men and women of our military returning home from duty.

"It's absolutely ridiculous that we even have to legislate to do this," said Kissell. "Our troops sacrifice so much, and they should not be subject to these unfair added fees. It's time for the Airline industry to step up and be the good corporate citizens they claim to be, and stop this practice. We ask so much of the men and women of our armed services, we simply cannot stand by and allow them to be taken advantage of in this way.

Recent media reports tell of troops who are returning from tours of duty overseas being subjected to additional charges for excess baggage by commercial airlines. In the past, the service member had to pay the money up front and wait for the Department of Defense to reimburse them for the added fees. With passage of Kissell's amendment, commercial airlines will be forced to end this unjust practice in order to even be considered for contracts in troop travel by the DOD.

"We should not be spending money funding companies that are not willing to honor and respect those who preserve and protect our freedom," added Kissell. "Our soldiers should not have to bear the additional burdens of worrying if they face unexpected and inexplicable charges such as these."

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