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McIntyre Advocates For Coastal Communities and Votes For Coastal Funds

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Mike McIntyre displayed his unwavering commitment to coastal issues in two separate actions on the U.S. House Floor this week.

First, Congressman McIntyre authored and offered an amendment to the Corps of Engineers funding bill that would have allowed the Corps, working with local sponsors, to evaluate the extension of an expiring 50-year project. Currently, the Army Corps has no legal authority for what they can or should do with beach projects that are coming to the end of their 50-year authorization. The amendment offered by Congressman McIntyre would ensure that beach projects, if merited, could continue uninterrupted.

The Carolina Beach renouirshment project is coming to the end of its 50-year authorization, and the Congressman has been working with local officials to identify a solution to this issue. Unfortunately, the majority party ruled that the amendment was "out of order". McIntyre will continue to explore legislative options to ensure that beach renourishment projects, like Carolina Beach can continue in perpetuity.

Second, Congressman McIntyre voted to increase the Corps of Engineers construction account by an additional $133 million and the operations and maintenance account by $51 million -- both offset by reductions elsewhere. For Southeastern North Carolina, this means more resources for our beach projects, more dredging for inlets and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and more funds for maintenance dredging for the Wilmington Port. Unfortunately, this amendment did not pass on a vote of 162-246.

In addition, Congressman McIntyre introduced several bills related to his "7th District Coastal Compact." Details of those bills will be released soon.

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