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Garrett Applauds House Vote on Cut, Cap & Balance


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Vice Chairman of the House Budget Committee and Chairman of the Budget and Spending Task Force for the Republican Study Committee (RSC), issued the following statement today after voting for the Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011:

"Today's vote demonstrated that House Republicans are committed to confronting our country's addiction to spending and debt with bold and decisive solutions. The Cut, Cap and Balance plan is not only the right prescription to address our fiscal crisis, it's the only plan on the table that takes the necessary steps to confront the sleeping giant that threatens to tear our country apart.

"With our national debt now topping $14 trillion, we have no other choice but to start sending immediate signals to the markets and the world that we are serious about spending and debt reform. And to show we are serious, we need to put skin in the game in the form of immediate spending cuts today, caps on spending tomorrow and a balanced budget amendment to protect us from spending too much in the future.

"Nobody wants to raise the debt limit, but if it is going to be raised, we should use it as an opportunity to finally implement comprehensive reform measures that ensure we never have to do it again. Because if we do nothing, if we put off the tough decisions for another day, we will only have ourselves to blame for driving the U.S. economy off the edge of the cliff."

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