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Owens Votes Against So-Called "Cut, Cap, and Balance" Act


Location: Washington, DC

Tuesday's House proposal includes controversial Ryan plan to gut Medicare

This evening, Congressman Bill Owens voted against H.R. 2560, legislation that includes a second attempt by House Republican leadership to enact deep cuts into Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The legislation passed the House of Representatives tonight by a vote of 234-190. H.R. 2560 is not expected to pass the Senate.

"I voted against this legislation because, not only does it include the Ryan budget proposal which would cripple Medicare and Social Security, but it caps spending at a specific percentage that does not take into account the cost of war or the management of the current economic crisis. This plan is dangerous for Fort Drum, the nation's security, and local job creators. It is does not reflect Upstate New York values," said Owens.

"Most leading economists -- as well as the general public -- believe Congress must craft a plan that includes spending cuts and revenue increases in the ongoing debt limit debate. For months, I have called for this type of compromise that will protect programs important to Upstate New York, and I will continue to do so until it is done."

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