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Cut, Cap, and Balance Washington's Checkbook

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HECK. Mr. Speaker, I am here to share a short letter I received from one of my constituents who used to own a small business. His name is Steve, and his letter eloquently addresses the issue we are discussing today.

Steve wrote: ``I know it is a very contentious time in Washington. The 2008 election led me to sell my business because I saw an assault on the small business owner. My peers continue to ask me how I anticipated our current situation.

``First, it was the mandated health insurance, then more government regulation and regulators, and now it is the assault on my earnings that I worked hard for over the last 40 years.

``The President and his Progressive friends will not be satisfied until they kill what reward for risk incentive is left.

``Equal wealth for everyone is not guaranteed in our Constitution.

``The reward for risk is what made this country what it is today.

``I ask that you hold the line even if it means losing the next election.''

I came to Congress to get Nevada's economy back on track, and the only way to do that is by listening to our job creators--by listening to their concerns and then addressing those very concerns. When I talk with Nevada's small business owners, they feel the same way Steve does. They say the reason they're not creating jobs is due to too many harmful regulations, too many taxes and too much government spending.

We are in a fiscal crisis, and it is killing our job creators' very ability to create jobs. In all of my conversations with Nevada business owners, the one thing--the one thing--I've never heard them say is, ``Do you know what would help me create more jobs? A tax increase.''

I urge Nevadans and my colleagues not to listen to the President's false choice--the idea that we can fix government's fiscal problems by merely closing loopholes and reining in subsidies. Now, let me be clear. I support closing loopholes and subsidies because we need to level the playing field, but that won't by itself solve the problem, because even if we close the loopholes and rein in the subsidies, the government will still have a spending problem, and it will only be a matter of time before another tax increase is proposed.

Past all of the talking points and hyperbole, the President's real choice is about the tax burden families and businesses face in Nevada and across the country. Will that burden be lower or higher? I am fighting to make sure it's lower. Our job creators, like Steve, realize this. Why doesn't Congress? Forty-nine of 50 States balance their budgets. Why doesn't Congress? Nevada families live within their means. Why doesn't Congress?

Just because there are checks in the checkbook doesn't mean there is money in the checking account. The Cut, Cap, and Balance proposal is a thoughtful solution to solving the government's spending problem that protects the promise of Social Security and Medicare for seniors and veterans' benefits to our brave men and women who have fought to protect our freedoms. It will cut $5.8 trillion over the next decade and give our job creators confidence that we are serious about getting this economy back on track.

I urge my colleagues to support the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill and show that we are serious about balancing Washington's checkbook.

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