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Further Proof of Failed Stimulus Released

Press Release

Location: Fort Collins, CO

The Department of Labor released their statistics for the month of July today, and the nation's employment picture remains bleak. In contrast with the claims made by Democratic lawmakers that the unemployment would not rise above 8% with the passage of the stimulus, total non-farm payrolls decreased by 131,000 last month while the national unemployment rate remained at a crippling 9.5%.

State Representative Cory Gardner was troubled by the Labor Department's findings. "These numbers confirm what Coloradans have known for a long time now - the stimulus did fail, the recession is not over and the situation is actually getting worse. It is time to rein in government spending and make it certain to businesses and families that the government will not raise their taxes. Without cost certainty in the marketplace, employers will not add jobs," Gardner said.

In May, Congresswoman Markey told a group of supporters that the stimulus bill had gotten the United States out of the recession.

Gardner added: "Even during the heat of summer, Colorado families are once again feeling left out in the cold by the failed fiscal policies of Speaker Pelosi and Betsy Markey."

Cory Gardner is a native of Yuma, Colorado where he helps to run the family business. He is currently serving the 63rd District in the Colorado House of Representatives. He and his wife Jaime live in Yuma with their daughter Alyson.

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