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Sherman Endorses McConnell Plan


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Brad Sherman, Democrat from California, endorsed Senator McConnell's plan to allow an increase in the debt limit. Sherman had voted for a clean increase in the debt limit on May 31, 2011 in H.R. 1954.

Sherman said, "I know that the McConnell proposal is designed to hurt Democrats politically, because in effect, only Democratic votes would be necessary to enact a debt limit increase due to the proposal's mechanism requiring a 2/3 opposition in Congress to stop the increase. But the proposal will allow our country to avoid a crisis that is already costing us jobs and investment. Democrats should proudly support this McConnell-designed political charade because whatever its intent, it will allow us to avoid economic disaster and move on to the real medicine for reigning in the federal deficit through the appropriate processes."

Sherman continued, "We need to take fiscally responsible action to reduce our deficit. A crisis can sometimes be helpful in prodding the adoption of difficult, fiscally responsible measures. But this crisis is hurting our economy now and providing no measurable progress toward fiscally responsible measures. We had a budget crisis in April, and we are certain to have a budget crisis on September 30th when funding for all government agencies expires. We don't need a third budgetary crisis this year."

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