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Gov. Nikki Haley: Obama Veto Threat Proves We Can't Afford His Leadership


Location: Columbia, SC

Governor Nikki Haley today released the following statement after President Barack Obama threatened to veto a "Cut, Cap and Balance" plan should it reach his desk:

"Both political parties have failed our country," said Gov. Haley. "But what matters is that we now have a chance to make it right and fix our disastrous debt. President Obama's threat to veto "Cut, Cap, and Balance' crystallizes the fact that he has no desire to reduce spending and stop the fiscal train wreck that he has done so much to ignite. Our nation is being led by someone who doesn't understand that our current direction imperils our future. The unfortunate truth is we can no longer afford President Obama's leadership."

Last week, Gov. Haley and Texas Gov. Rick Perry wrote in an op-ed on "Cut, Cap and Balance" for The Washington Post, "At heart, the pledge represents the reality that yet another temporary fix to our nation's budgetary woes is no fix at all. The time has come for all of us to begin holding the federal government to the same common-sense standards in place in most states, including South Carolina and Texas."

Gov. Haley was one of the first governors to sign the "Cut, Cap, Balance" pledge that calls for significant spending cuts, a statutory spending cap, and a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution as minimum preconditions to raising the debt limit.

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