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Congressman Canseco's Statement on Chairman Bernanke's Appearance before the House Financial Services Committee


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Francisco "Quico" Canseco (TX-23), a former small businessman and a member of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement after Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke testified before the House Financial Services Committee.

"Chairman Bernanke's testimony underscores what my constituents who have lost a job or are a struggling small business owner already know: our economy continues to struggle. As I talk to job creators throughout my district, uncertainty in the economy caused by Washington policies is causing them to hold back on growing their businesses and creating jobs. They are uncertain about the future because of policies like the government take-over of health care, the credit-strangling financial regulation bill, and looming tax increases that will arise from failure to rein in out-of-control federal spending," said Congressman Canseco.

"The solution for getting our economy back on track and job creators creating jobs once again is not to saddle them with higher taxes. Instead, we should remove the cause of the problem; we need to remove policies creating uncertainty that is holding the economy back. Business owners I talk to don't tell me they pay too little in taxes; however, they do tell me that they think the federal government spends too much money," concluded Congressman Canseco.

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