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EPA Stimulus Failure

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, briefly, here are some examples of why the $1 trillion in government stimulus spending bill failed to hold down unemployment or reinvigorate our economy:

Over the past few years, the EPA has spent more than $27 million on grants to foreign countries. This includes funds for Breathe Easy, Jakarta, an Indonesian campaign to improve air quality. Now, President Obama may have some affection for a city he lived in as a child, but is that any reason to send them Federal stimulus dollars?

There have been 65 grants handed out since the stimulus bill was signed; six of these grants went to Russia and ten grants went to China. We already owe China interest on our debt. Why on Earth are we giving them grants to keep their own country clean? The Energy and Commerce Committee has launched an investigation into this spending. We need to know how much has been spent and if the EPA has further plans to send money overseas.

Our growing debt is hurting job growth. This is just another sad case of Federal spending wasted on projects that do nothing for the American economy.

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