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In Opposition to the Afghanistan War

Floor Speech

Location: Washington DC

Mr. FARR. Mr. Speaker, I have never supported the Afghanistan War. It has cost us 1,650 American lives. And the cost of those lost lives can't be measured. But this war has also cost us $444 billion. And that can be measured.

Where we spend our money reflects our national values. And we spend $228,000 a minute on this war. So every minute of every day, we are telling the world that we value war above all else.

But what about peace? What if we spent $228,000 a minute on peace? If we did that for just one day, we could send 6,566 Peace Corps Volunteers to serve America in the name of peace. Or we could feed 6.6 million school children for a year.

Those are things worth valuing. Those are things worth fighting for. So, I urge my colleagues to vote to bring our brave women and men back home. To bring our money back in line with our values.

To bring peace back now.

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