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Expressing Sense of the House on Anniversary of Terrorist Attacks Launched Against United States on September 11, 2001

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HYDE. Madam Speaker, pursuant to the previous order of the House, I call up the resolution (H. Res. 757) expressing the sense of the House of Representatives on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks launched against the United States on September 11, 2001, and ask for its immediate consideration in the House.


Mr. GOODLATTE. Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank Chairman Hyde and Ranking Member LANTOS for submitting this resolution and bringing it forward. I would like to thank both of them for their leadership on foreign policy issues, particularly as it relates to our response to September 11, 2001. While some here would choose to politicize what I think is an appropriate and somber resolution expressing sorrow for the loss of September 11 and expressing appreciation for all those who responded, our police and firefighters and other first responders, our brave men and women in our Armed Forces and our leadership in the White House, in the Congress and in the administrative branch of our country to address one of the most serious threats we have ever had, I for one commend the vast majority of Members of this body who will not attempt to try to politicize what I think is a very finely drawn resolution both in the whereas clauses and in the resolved clauses.

I have just returned from New York City from a great convention. I have been to New York several times since September 11. Each time I see that great city rising further and further from the devastation that so many of its citizens suffered and the city itself suffered on September 11, 2001. I was so proud to see the police officers and the firefighters and other first responders taking such great pride in their city as they made all of us who were visitors feel so secure during that important convention. And so I think this resolution is so appropriate for that reason alone, to say thank you to those in New York who rose to the occasion on September 11, 2001 and have been rising ever since.

I also know that my own State of Virginia suffered grievous loss with the attack on the Pentagon. Each week as I drive home to my congressional district, I drive by the Pentagon and I think of that attack. I think of the brave men and women who were killed that day and the many, many more
who have so bravely risen to the occasion of leading our country in response, in Afghanistan; yes, in Iraq and elsewhere around the world to make Americans more secure and safer than they were on that fateful day 3 years ago.

This loss was tragic, but America has shown a resolve and a resilience and a courage that is remarkable for any nation on Earth, but it is the hallmark of this country that we have done time and time again for generations, standing up for freedom, standing up for hope for the future.

I thank the leadership, and I thank the gentleman from Illinois and the gentleman from California for their leadership on this resolution which I urge my colleagues to adopt.

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