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Gingrey Opposes New Tax Increases as Part of Debt Limit Deal


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Phil Gingrey, M.D. (GA-11) today issued the following statement regarding tax increases as part of the debt limit negotiations:

"Amidst a rising unemployment rate and with a $14 trillion national debt, it is appalling that President Obama thinks the solution to improving our economy is to raise taxes on American workers and job creators. He stated himself that there should be no new taxes during a recession, yet that's exactly what he is proposing. On the other hand, Republicans in the House remain united and committed to the pledge many of us signed to oppose tax increases.

"We need to create an environment conducive to job creation instead of over regulating, overspending, and overtaxing to the point where our economy is crushed by the government. There is no time left to kick the can down the road. We need to enact real budget reforms now, like cutting and capping spending and passing a balanced budget amendment to get our nation back on the right track. President Obama drawing a line in the sand over tax increases is irresponsible, unwise, and blatantly disregards the reality that tax hikes will destroy jobs."

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