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Harder Yet May be the Fight

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. AL GREEN of Texas. Madam Speaker, C.A. Tindley was right when he proclaimed, ``Harder yet may be the fight.''

When they tried to privatize Social Security, we fought and held them back. We fought the good fight. When they tried to minimize the CHIP program, Children's Health Insurance Program, we fought the good fight and we held them back. When they tried to destabilize Medicaid, we fought the good fight and we held them back.

They are now trying to minimize and voucherize Medicare. We will fight the good fight. We will hold them back because C.A. Tindley is right:

``Harder yet may be the fight;

right may often yield to might;

wickedness a while may reign;

Satan's cause may seem to gain.

But there's a God that rules above.

with hand of power and heart of love.''

When we're right, He'll help us fight. Harder yet may be the fight, but we will hold them back.

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