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Financial Independence from China and American Job Creation

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HENSARLING. Mr. Speaker, on July 4th, we celebrated our political independence from Great Britain.

My constituents want to know when are we going to celebrate our financial independence from China, which funds much of our national debt. My constituents also want to know: Where are the jobs? Mr. Speaker, these two are connected because too much spending-driven debt leads to too few jobs.

Now, our President doesn't seem to get this. If his stimulus, his reckless spending, his small business tax increases, his class warfare rhetoric helped promote job creation, we would be the most highly employed society in the history of mankind; but instead, we are mired in the longest period of sustained high unemployment under his policies since the Great Depression.

House Republicans have a plan for America's job creators. In the trillion dollar deficits, make the Tax Code fairer, flatter, simpler. Stop the President's job-crushing tax increases, and end the dumb regulations that prevent jobs in America.

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