Scott Applauds Republican Resolve to Cut, Cap & Balance


By:  Tim Scott
Date: July 15, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tim Scott (SC-01) issued the following statement regarding the House Republicans' decision this morning to cut, cap, and balance the federal budget in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling:

"I am very gratified that my Republican colleagues have unified behind our plan to dramatically cut federal spending and implement strong controls -- such as a Balanced Budget Amendment -- to ensure that fiscal responsibility is the law of the land.

I was proud to be one of the first signers of the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge, and I appreciate the work that conservative Members of Congress -- bolstered by our strong freshmen class -- have done in ensuring that Congress lives up to the expectations of the American people.

Our country is at a crossroads. We must rein in federal spending now, and put controls in place to ensure that our budget remains balanced. Only then will job creators begin to invest in America, and our economy will begin to grow. I look forward to voting next week in favor of Cut, Cap, and Balance."

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