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Enough of the Backroom Deals

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

FLEMING. Mr. Speaker, enough with the backroom dealing on the debt ceiling. The debate has continued for months behind closed doors in the proverbial ``smoke-filled room'' with nothing to show for the effort. As a congressman, why should I be forced to peruse cable stations and blog sites for information on the discussions--and then be asked to vote for the deal when I have no input and no time to know even what's in it?

Let's pull back the shades and open the window. Let's put the sunlight and fresh air on this discussion. Should we cut spending? Should we reform entitlements? Should we have a balanced budget amendment?

Mr. Speaker, let Congress do its job and put the debate right here on the floor. Let's do this in the people's House for everyone to see. This will be the way the people and their choice come to fruition.

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