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President Obama's Call for New Job-Killing Taxes Won't Pass House


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement after President Barack Obama's debt ceiling press conference.

"President Obama and his liberal lieutenants still don't get the message that runaway spending is the problem in Washington," Scalise said. "Their failed agenda of radical tax hikes will only destroy more jobs in our fragile economy, and I will continue fighting to defeat any attempt to raise taxes on American families and job creators. The President continues to ignore the fact that the problem with our national debt crisis is not that we're taxed too little, it's that Washington is spending too much.

"President Obama himself has admitted that raising taxes during a recession "is the last thing you want to do,' and after coming off yet another dismal unemployment report, he needs to start living by his own words. I remain committed to controlling spending and lowering taxes so America's job creators can be more competitive throughout the world, and it is time for President Obama and the liberals in Congress to follow suit and recognize the need to enact bold reforms that make Washington start living within its means and putting us on the path to a balanced federal budget."

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