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Administrative Priorities


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1- Reduce spending by cutting the well-known unnecessary expenditures.

2.- Foster national industry creation by giving incentives and
preferential status to American made products. This will incentivize the
creation of jobs and a stronger economy.

3- Evaluate and change duty taxes to protect and promote the US industry.


Legalize illegal immigrants in order for them to start paying taxes and
contribute to the economy and the society.

Secure our borders with US military forces and state of the art equipment
to prevent future illegal immigrants from entering into our national


The government should regulate basic and emergency health care costs to be
reasonable and accessible to all.


Create a Federal educational program to standardize the educational level
of the private and public schools around the country.

How I would obtain the funding:

How are we planning on accomplishing our objectives and cover the cost of
our propositions?

By controlling and drastically reducing the reckless federal spending that
our government, states and local authorities authorize without any real

How are we planning on increasing our national revenues without imposing
more taxes?

By controlling imports that considerably affect our local industry and
imposing higher duties. We will also give preference to our national
products by providing significant incentives to the small and medium
national industries.

* Information submitted by candidate to Project Vote Smart via email in July 2011

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