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Manheim Township Receives World Trade Center Steel for Memorial

With my help, Manheim Township recently acquired a piece of World Trade Center steel for their new 9/11 memorial. The piece is a 15-foot-long, 5,800-pound i-beam. Communities across the country can request a piece for local memorials, but they have to keep the steel intact. The Manheim Township memorial will be built completely with donated funds and labor, and will consist of an observation deck, a U.S. flag, and a plaque. The Township is hoping to unveil the memorial on Community Day, Saturday, September 10. A few years ago, I helped Coatesville get some of the World Trade Center steel that had been manufactured in the local steel mill for their own memorial. Governments and private nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for a piece of World Trade Center steel. Feel free to contact my Lancaster district office if you would like more information.

The Effects of Health Care Reform's Hasty Passage

In recent weeks, two significant "glitches" with last year's health care reform bill have come to light. The Associated Press reported last week that the new law would allow married couples making as much as $64,000 a year to get Medicaid, the government program intended to provide medical care to impoverished Americans. This would open up the program to three million more people than intended, severely taxing state and federal resources. Another provision in the law could encourage people to retire early. Because of the way the law looks at income, it could make economic sense for some Americans to retire and start receiving government benefits sooner. This would be a very costly glitch, especially considering that Medicare is already projected to exhaust its trust fund by 2024.

American Job Creators Website

House Republicans recently launched, a website to hear directly from business owners and other job creators about the struggles they face. Particularly, we want to hear how government agencies affect job creators' ability to grow their business.

ACORN Loses Case to Force Congressional Funding

Last year, undercover videos exposed affiliates of ACORN as offering support to prostitution and human trafficking. Soon after these videos came out, Congress passed bipartisan legislation preventing ACORN from accessing federal funds. ACORN sued claiming that Congress was unconstitutionally punishing the organization. While one federal judge agreed with ACORN, the Appeals Court sided with Congress. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear ACORN's case, upholding Congress' right to eliminate their funds. Clearly, Congress has the right to decide how taxpayer dollars are spent. There is no constitutional requirement that we keep funding an organization once it has been exposed as breaking the law. ACORN showed blatant disregard for the law and for women by offering advice on how to cover up illegal activities.

Op-ed of the Week: We Need More Than a Quick Fix

Last week, President Obama announced that the U.S. would release 30 million barrels of oil from the reserve while the International Energy Agency countries will release another 30 million barrels from their own reserves.

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