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Governor Rick Perry's Radio Address - Support of Our Troops

Location: Unknown

Support of Our Troops

My fellow Texans:

As a former pilot in the United States Air Force and as the son of a World War II survivor, I know there is a tremendous price paid by those who serve in the United States military.

As the Korean Memorial states in a simple but profound way, "Freedom is not free." The cost of freedom during times of conflict is borne by the brave soldiers on the front lines and the loved ones they leave thousands of miles behind.

Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes continue to be with the men and women of our armed forces who have been mobilized to the Persian Gulf. Their mission is difficult and the future uncertain.

But their cause is nothing less than the preservation of freedom and the protection of innocent lives from the destructive designs of terrorist enemies and rogue states.

Because of the capabilities of modern weapons of attack, America is no longer protected by two vast oceans. September 11th showed that the enemies of freedom are organized not only on foreign continents, but right here on our own soil.

That's why President Bush is right to pursue the terrorists who have harmed this nation already and those who plot to do so again.

As the governor of Texas and as the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces, I join millions of Texans in wishing our troops success as they carry out their mission and a safe return to their loved ones once that mission is complete.

The thoughts and prayers of a grateful nation remain with all our troops, but especially our American prisoners of war. In service to their country, they represent the American ideal of bravery and valor that has made this country free. May God protect them from the enemy and sustain them during this ordeal.

Our prayers also remain with the families of those soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice in this conflict. History tells us that freedom comes at an extraordinary price. And as Americans, we must always ensure that the price they paid was not in vain.

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