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Congressman Rivera: In Debt Talks, Fiscal Responsibility Should Rule the Day


Location: Washington, DC

President Barack Obama invited House and Senate leaders to the White House today as part of ongoing discussions about the debt limit. Following the meeting, the President indicated that White House and Congressional leadership staffs would continue to work through the weekend and would reconvene on Sunday.

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) released the following statement regarding today's summit:

"Washington has serious budgetary issues. The federal government spends roughly $7 million every minute of every hour of every day. Our national debt is at more than $14 trillion and growing, and our annual deficits are hovering at more than $1 trillion.

"Our budgetary problems in Washington are resonating all over the country as we see more than nine percent unemployment. Job creators are hesitant or unwilling to create jobs because of concerns over more regulations and mandates.

"We are at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to put our nation's economy back on track. We need to take this opportunity to find long-term solutions to our nation's fiscal crisis that borrow less, cut wasteful spending, and give businesses the security to grow and create jobs.

"We cannot simply increase the allowance on the federal credit card or continue passing stopgap measures.

"House Republicans have passed a budget and have presented a plan for jobs that is aimed at empowering small businesses and reducing the regulatory burden placed on job creators. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have not passed a budget in 799 days, and now is when the White House has decided to come to the table to have a serious discussion about dealing with our country's fiscal crisis.

"As talks between the White House and Congressional leaders continue, fiscal responsibility needs to be the top priority, not imposing additional burdens on job creators and American families.

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