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Statement by Congressman Bilbray on the President's Announcement on Afghanistan


Location: Washington, DC

Today Congressman Brian Bilbray (CA-50) issued the following statement in response to President Obama's plans to remove 33,000 surge troops from Afghanistan:

"I respect President Obama's authority as Commander in Chief of our armed forces. Yet I remain concerned that the progress our brave men and women in uniform have made in Afghanistan over the last eighteen months is fragile and reversible and that we leave U.S. government civilians working across the country vulnerable in the absence of troop support.

As long as the Taliban and al-Qaeda use Afghanistan as a safe-haven there are real threats to our national security. My advice for the President is to focus more on America's war in Afghanistan rather than devoting American resources to the conflict in Libya." -- Congressman Brian Bilbray, represents California's 50th Congressional District

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