Issue Position: God, Bible and Government Inseparable

Issue Position

By:  Lowell Jackson Fellure
Date: July 5, 2011
Location: Hurricane, WV

1. One never hears much of the earliest history of our nation from its founding in 1492 to ita independence in 1776. During this 284 years our political-governmental charters were filled with direct references to God Almight and the Bible. A good survey is "DOCUMENTS OF POLITICAL FOUNDATION WRITTEN BY COLONIAL AMERICANS" by Donald S. Lutz.

2. From 1776 to our present generation, many of our national political leaders openly and publicly recognized God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the Bible as supreme and sovereign over our nation. In our lifetime we've seen we've seen a tragic change. Our national figure-heads now go to bat for atheists, queers, Marxists, flag burners, draft dodgers, communists, anti-Americans, etc. Members of the GODHEAD seldom ever come up , even for honorable mention.

3. Our nation is now in a state of moral self destruction. All because of refusing to be guided and governed by the vital, basic commanded laws of a Holy God.

4. The degree of rise or fall of all past civilizations has been in direct correlation to their response to the truths of God Almighty.

5. In our Democratic Constitutional Republic, the three branches of our government came from Isaiah 33:22, in an Authorized 1611 King James Bible.

6. In the opening statement of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, our political leaders intended our nation to be governed by "THE LAWS OF NATURE AND OF NATURES GOD."

7. God Almighty ordained three institutions on earth; the family, the church and civil government. He wrote one book to guide and govern all three. All are equally responsible to that one book, the Bible.

8. The Bible is the greatest single book ever written on human government. Every basic fundamental truth and philosophy vital to governing a nation is written therein.

9. In the early sixties a spiritually bank-rupt Supreme Court kicked the Bible (and God) out of the school rooms of a Christian nation. When the kid goes to the PENITENTIARY, then we'll give it back to him.

10. In creating the Constitution our political representatives had some great difficulty in reaching its finality. They took time out, WENT TO GOD IN PRAYER, and finally wrote the greatest human constitution in history.

11. In 1 Samuel, Chapter 8, Israel had a theocratic government under God. They wanted to BRING ABOUT CHANGE and move to a NEW WORLD ORDER like all other nations. God warned them SIX times in saying that the nature of the new government would be to TAKE. The nature of all governments apart from God, is TAKING AND STEALING from the citizenry.

12. Many of America's earlier presidents (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson, etc.) were public with their belief in the Bible's importance to our nation. Presidents of later years (Johnson, Kennedy, Clinton, etc.) never held it in very high esteem, except as a good political tool.

13. PRESIDENT COOLIDGE said, the foundations of our society and our government rests on the teachings of the Bible.

14. PRESIDENT TRUMAN said, the Bill of Rights basis comes from Exodus, Isaiah, Matthew and Paul's Epistles.

15. PRESIDENT ADAMS said, the only book deserving or universal attention is the Bible.

16. PRESIDENT WASHINGTON said, it is impossible to rightly govern without God and the Bible.

17. PRESIDENT LINCOLN said, all the good from the Saviour is communicated through this Book, the Bible.

18. PRESIDENT JACKSON said, the Bible is the rock upon which our Republic rests.

19. PRESIDENT PIERCE said, there is no national security but acknowledged dependence on God and His providence.

20. PRESIDENT GRANT said, hold fast to the Bible as the sheet-rock of our liberties.

21. PRESIDENT HARRISON said, some things we cannot dispence with and among these are God's word and truth.

22. PRESIDENT MCKINLEY said, the more profoundly we study the Bible, the higher will be our destiny as a nation.

23. PRESIDENT WILSON said, America was born to exemplify to the world teh principles of righteousness in the Word of God.

24. PRESIDENT HOOVER said, we are indebted to the Book of books for our ideals and institutions.

25. In our country's earliest history, our political-governmental leaders openly and publicly recognized God Almighty and rejected the Sodomites. It's now been reversed. They now recognize and favor the Sodomites and reject God.

26. When our nation began, ELECTION DAYS WERE DISTINCTLY MARKED BY THE PUBLIC PREACHING OF A BIBLE SERMON from the respected clergy. God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the Bible were involved in the equation of virtually everything that happened, including government, and elections.

27. By rejecting God's Bible, our society has deteriorated to where it brags on the queers and cusses the Christians.

* Note - This document was provided to Project Vote Smart by the candidate in July 2011

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