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Congressman Brooks' Statement on Libya


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) today voted against further U.S. involvement in Libya by opposing H.J.Res.68, Authorizing the Limited Use of the United States Armed Forces in Support of the NATO Mission in Libya. H.J.Res.68 was defeated in a vote of 295 to 123. Brooks observed, "I reject the President's position that the way to prevent Libyans from killing Libyans is by Americans killing Libyans."

Congressman Brooks also voted against H.R. 2278, To Limit Funds With Respect to U.S. Armed Forces in Libya. Following his vote, Congressman Brooks made the following statement: "We should be out of Libya altogether, and not voting piecemeal on parts of the operation. While this bill excludes some operations in Libya, it approves many others. The lesson from Vietnam is that the one sure way to lose a war is by fighting it half-way."

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