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WAPT - Republican Candidates Turn To Tea Party For Support

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Location: Madison, WI

With fewer than two months to go until the primary, some Republican candidates are turning to the Tea Party for support.

Republican candidates for the lieutenant governor position tried to set themselves apart Monday night in front of a group of people who think government spends too much.

"I'm a conservative, fiscal and social conservative," said Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Sen. Billy Hewes.

"I have a record of being a true fiscal conservative," said State Treasurer Tate Reeves, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. "I was elected to work for the taxpayers."

Both Reeves and Hewes said they are the right man for the job.

"The difference (between us) is I've got over 20,000 votes. He has yet to cast the first vote on a legislative matter," Hewes said.

"I can just tell you to look at my record as state treasurer, fighting against those in the Capitol who want to spend more, borrow more, tax more," Reeves said.

Hewes said he's not concerned about running up against a candidate, whose job involves handling state money, calling Reeves' approach one-dimensional.

Tea Party supporters, meanwhile, are not revealing whom they will pick.

"I think they're running really good campaigns. We'll just have to wait and see on that one," said Pat Bruce, supporter of the Madison County Tea Party.

"As to which one right now, I'm just not ready to say that quite yet," said Elizabeth Young, of Madison.

The statewide primary is set for August 2.

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