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Fair Representation For Nevada -- Sign The Petition


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Governor Sandoval recently vetoed AB 497, the Democrats' first attempt at redrawing the Legislative and Congressional maps for the next decade. The bill was passed by the Democrat controlled Senate and Assembly with the votes divided along party lines.

In his veto message, the Governor explained that the plan was not fair to all Nevadans and did not comply with the federal Voting Rights Act. He was absolutely correct. The Voting Rights Act prohibits states from using the redistricting process to dilute the voting strength of minority communities. The Democrats' plan did just that--it sought to fracture the Hispanic vote in Clark County in an effort to draw more partisan Democrat districts.

Just this week, Democrats have drawn a second set of maps that do exactly the same thing. As I argued during the floor debate on the first bill, such fracturing of a minority community is illegal and will not stand up to a challenge in the courts. Moreover, the bill violated more than just the Voting Rights Act. It also violated fundamental notions of fairness by creating Democrat supermajorities in the Assembly, the Senate and in our Congressional delegation.

This after an election where a Republican candidate for Governor received more votes than any other candidate on the ballot; and voters across Nevada cast significantly more votes for Republican candidates for the Assembly, State Senate and Congress than they did the Democrat candidates.

Republicans in the Legislature are committed to fighting for a fair and legal redistricting plan, but cannot and will not vote for a plan that violates federal law and/or is blatantly partisan. The results of this process will shape the makeup of our state and federal legislative bodies for the next decade.

Governor Sandoval was right to reject the Democrats' plan. It is critical that we stand with the Governor and fight for what is right for all Nevadans--not just a handful of partisan Democrat legislators.

Join me in this fight for a fair redistricting plan by signing my petition now:

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