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Summer in South Dakota


Location: Unknown

Even though we had a long winter and a wild spring, summer has officially arrived. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy the blessings that summertime brings in all its many shapes and sizes in South Dakota -- from a windshield free of ice in the morning to an extra two hours of daylight in the evening to play ball or relax with family, friends, and neighbors.

Summer gives us parades, street dances and tractor pulls; family reunions; softball, golf and rodeos. In short, summer gives us time to have some fun. South Dakotans work hard all yearround, so we need to take time with our neighbors and connect with family.

I challenge everyone to explore, try a new or different experience this summer, right here in South Dakota.

We are fortunate for the opportunities in South Dakota to see and do almost anything without crossing a state border. We have lakes and rivers, mountains and rolling hills; hiking and biking trails, second to none. We have world-class fishing and the largest motorcycle rally in the world.

These are the big things.

We often forget the more familiar thing closer to home, such as the fun we have at the local summer celebration and catching up with our neighbors. Nothing tops a weekend spent on the lake with family or good friends.

So go out, explore, and have a good time.

South Dakotans work hard, and we deserve to enjoy our summer blessings while they last.

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