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Sen. Paul Response to Obama's Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan


Location: Washington, DC

Sen. Rand Paul released the following statement this evening in response to President Barack Obama's address regarding troop withdrawals in Afghanistan.

"President Obama in his speech tonight addressed the need to reduce troops on the ground in Afghanistan, as the American people and their representatives in Congress - both Republican and Democrat - question our need to remain there. But even with the President's call for a draw-down of 10,000 troops this year and 20,000 next year, there will still be 70,000 left on the ground by the end of 2012, which is more than were there at the beginning of his Administration.

"Considering the elimination of Osama bin Laden, terrorist bases, and Taliban presence, it is time to turn our attention to bringing our troops out of Afghanistan. We cannot and should not police nations, build their bridges and roads, and spend endless resources doing so when here at home we are struggling with our own financial crisis. The President's weak withdrawal plan, coupled with the unconstitutional war he is waging in Libya, shows a lack of leadership in an area we simply cannot afford to support."

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