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NBC 12 Interview-Congressman Cantor Discusses GOP Economic Growth Plan on NBC12


Location: Unknown

Cantor On Allowing Small Businesses To Grow And Create Jobs: "Clearly the economy is not growing fast enough, and too many people remain out of work. That's why we in Congress and in the Majority have said that we have to focus on how we get Washington out of the business of making it more difficult for small business to grow. We know that small businesses are the disproportionate job creators and that's why we're driving so hard in the discussions going on in Washington around the budget and the deficit to say, look, Washington has a spending problem, it doesn't have a revenue problem. We have to make sure we are creating an environment for entrepreneurs to jump back in the game and there shouldn't be any talk of raising taxes. There should be talk of trying to ease up on the regulatory policy, and frankly, institute a sensible regulatory policy so small businesses feel that Washington is not trying to hurt them, so that these small business people can create jobs."

On The GOP Plan To Inject Stability And Certainity Into The Private Sector: "What I think the private sector needs - remember in America we have become who we are because of a burgeoning private sector and small business engine - is some stability and certainty. That's what we can do. If we can solve the fiscal issues once and for all in Washington, that will put us on a proper trajectory to manage down the debt, and then we could do things like bring up trade bills. Even the Obama Administration has said if you bring up the South Korea, Panama, and Colombian trade bills, you can create over 250,000 jobs in eighteen months time, and that's from the Obama Administration numbers. I think there are things we can get going just by demonstrating we are committed to getting a private sector that will grow again."

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