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Congressman Cantor: We Need Trillions In Savings And Spending Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

"There is a Bloomberg poll out this morning that says only 1 in 10 people in this country believe that unemployment is going to get better in the next two years. In addition, 44 percent of the people polled said that they are worse off today than they were when President Obama took office. Clearly, the President inherited a bad situation, but there is no doubt that he and the Democratic Congress that was in charge last time, and the Senate, continued to make it worse, and we're trying to change that. The problem is the President doesn't understand that a growth agenda is not a government program. As has been said before, we need innovation, we need entrepreneurs to begin to take risks again, people need confidence that they can jump back into the game. That's why we have two jobs bills on the floor this week, focused on patents and energy.

"As far as the Biden talks are concerned, I continue to remain optimistic that we can get some real savings, and as the Speaker has laid out, we need trillions of dollars in savings and spending cuts to demonstrate to the American people that we are changing the system here, that the spending is not going to get out of control again. That's the test for us as we go forward in these discussions. In that same poll this week, 55% of the people said that cutting taxes and cutting spending is a better way to reduce unemployment and to grow this economy."

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