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Kasich Applauds Final Approval of Historic Reform Budget


Location: Columbus, OH

Today Gov. John R. Kasich praised members of the General Assembly who supported Ohio's FY2012-2013 budget for their leadership in helping restore fiscal stability to Ohio and recreate a jobs-friendly environment:

―Together we've done something that people said couldn't be done--we closed the largest budget shortfall Ohio's ever faced and we did it without raising taxes. In fact, we cut taxes $300 million per year. We did all of this while also solving tough problems that have long haunted our state. It wasn't easy and it took courage--it always takes courage to do the right thing--and I'm proud to count myself in the camp of the courageous today. Ohio's becoming jobs-friendly again because we refuse to kick problems down the road. We show compassion for the most vulnerable, we demand good stewardship of the taxpayer's money and we're tearing down barriers so Ohioans can achieve their God-given potential. Together we're getting it done.

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