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We Must Sustain and Protect Social Security and Medicare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. AL GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker, in these times of great difficulty and uncertainty, our senior citizens want to know where we stand, and I want the senior citizens to know that I stand with them. I will not vote to voucherize Medicare, and I will not vote to socialize to the extent that we privatize Social Security.

Medicare has been there for millions of our senior citizens. It is a program on which they can depend. In their minds, Medicare is better care. We have 40 million seniors depending on Medicare. We cannot take that from them. Many of the seniors in my district depend on Social Security to the extent that, if they don't have Social Security, they do not ``have.''

These two programs mean a lot to the people that I represent. No privatization of Social Security and no voucherizing of Medicare. I will vote to sustain them and protect them.

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