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Statement on Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan


Location: Unknown

Nearly ten years ago, our mission in Afghanistan began as an endeavor to rid the world of the evil radicals who brought death and destruction to our country on September 11, 2001. Thanks to the guidance of our military commanders and the bravery of every member in the United States Armed Services, we have dismantled the Taliban, assembled a government, and finally eliminated one of history's most malicious threats, Osama bin Laden.

While I do not believe in nation building with borrowed American tax dollars, I have immense faith in the leadership of our military and intelligence services. Any decision to withdraw military personnel from Afghanistan should be based on the sound judgment and decision-making of the men and women who have spent the last decade fighting on Afghan soil protecting our freedoms and way of life. Therefore, I will only support a withdrawal proposal that is endorsed by our military and intelligence leaders.

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