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Stimulus Failure

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, some may wonder why the nearly $1 trillion in government stimulus spending failed to hold down unemployment or reinvigorate our economy. Phillip Greenspun, owner and operator of a helicopter company in Boston, understands why government doesn't efficiently spend the public's money. In a June 16 blog post, he relates his maddening experiences with Federal bureaucracy.

As the manager of his company, he must administer a random drug test to employees. As the only employee, he must surprise himself with a drug test. As the manager, he must take a course on giving drug tests. As the only employee, he must take a course on his rights regarding drug tests. Mr. Greenspun notes that all of these requirements and steps don't just cost him money, but cost the Federal Government since FAA employees must ensure all of these requirements are met. It's just a small illustration of how the government manages to make the simple complex and hurt both businesses and taxpayers. It's just another reason why we need a smaller, less expensive Federal Government so that our private sector can grow again.

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