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Fox News-A Tax Hike Will Not Pass the House


Location: Washington, DC

Lankford on Fox News-A Tax Hike Will Not Pass the House

Washington, D.C. -- As news broke today that the group led by Vice President Joe Biden to address the debt has hit an impasse over higher taxes, Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) responded on Fox News by clearly stating that any plan that raises taxes would not pass the House of Representatives. Additionally, Congressman Lankford called on President Obama to show real leadership by engaging with Congress to find a solution to our debt crisis.

Out-of-Control Spending is the Source of our Fiscal Problems:

"This is not a tax problem. This is a spending problem….There are plenty of options that are still at the table. What Democrats have to decide is "are we going to solve America's problems by raising taxes?' The perception that I have is this: for years, Congress has been overspending and has been irresponsible with their money, and now we want to go and raise taxes on Americans because we have been irresponsible. That's the wrong way to go."

The House Will Reject Higher Taxes:

"Taxes should not be on the table. That will not pass the House. That's a non-starter issue. Let's deal with our spending problem, which is the real problem."

It is Time for President Obama to Show Leadership:

"We presented a budget, laid it out and passed it and sent it over to the Senate. The Senate won't pass a budget, won't present a budget of their own. We've asked the President specifically for what his plan is, and he won't give us a specific plan. Instead of leading and actually presenting the plan, he feels like his strategy is just to schedule a meeting room and get everyone together and go work it out over there and go tell them what they are going to do. That is not leadership. Leadership is actually putting out a plan, not booking a meeting room for other people to meet in. So it's time for him to step out front and say "here's my plan.' We've put out a plan. Let's have the Senate do it, and let's work this out."

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