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Getting Its Feet Wet, EPA Needs to Take the Plunge and End Numeric Nutrient Nonsense

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

EPA's Further Delay Announcement a Positive Step, But the Agency and the Unscientific Regulations Will Remain in Oversight Crosshairs

Congressman Dennis A. Ross (R-FL), Chairman of the Federal Workforce, Postal Service & Labor Policy Oversight Subcommittee, today released the following statement on the EPA's delay of Numeric Nutrient implementation, pending Florida Department of Environmental Protection action.

In EPA's letter to FDEP Secretary, Herschel T. Vinyard Jr., EPA stated, "If FDEP adopts and EPA approves protective nutrient criteria that are sufficient to address the concerns underlying our determination and rule, and if such criteria enter into legal force and effect in Florida, EPA will promptly initiate rulemaking to repeal the corresponding federally promulgated numeric nutrient criteria. If FDEP adopts apd [sic] EPA approves criteria for any waters for which EPA has not yet proposed or promulgated federal criteria, and if these criteria are legally effective under Florida law, EPA will not propose or promulgate (as appropriate) corresponding federal criteria."

"Yesterday's announcement by EPA is a step in the right direction. I have requested, and will continue to demand, a face to face meeting with Administrator Jackson on this issue. In addition, the Oversight Committee, of which I chair a subcommittee, will continue our investigation into the proposed rule, its economic impact and the radical groups behind it. These regulations are patently unscientific and contrary to the EPAs own Science Advisory Council findings. In addition, Florida consumers and employers cannot afford increased energy, food, and input prices. Water is Florida's lifeblood and no one knows how to take care of that lifeblood better than Floridians. We welcome anyone from EPA to Florida -- as a tourist."

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