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Governor's Ag Development Summit


Location: Unknown

Agriculture is South Dakota's No. 1 industry. Our state climate and soils are well-suited for production agriculture, and so are our people. Keeping a farm or ranch alive involves hard work and resolve. Whether the job requires a calving check at 3 a.m. during a February blizzard or 17 straight hours in a combine, South Dakota's agriculture producers work hard to put food on the
plates of their families and ours.

In the 21st century, farming and ranching is as much about strength of mind as it is about strength of body. Staying ahead of rapidly changing technology and market trends requires careful study and innovation. To encourage that study and innovation, I invite all South Dakota farmers and ranchers to attend the Governor's Ag Development Summit on Wednesday, June 29, in Sioux Falls.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture is ready and willing to accommodate all agriculture producers who would like to attend. Interested folks can register by calling (605) 773-5436 or walking up to the door of the Convention Center in Sioux Falls on the day of the event. The Summit begins at 8 a.m. CDT. I hope many of you will be able to attend.

The Ag Development Summit will feature some of our best minds on production agriculture.

Discussions and presentations at the annual Summit yield real results on topics like agriculture banking, rural health, and industrial agriculture. The event brings members of the ag community together with bankers, health care providers, and industrial representatives so that they better
understand one another and work for positive results.

Ideas that stem from the Governor's Ag Development Summit will return to communities across South Dakota. The Summit brings our leading farmers and ranchers together to share experiences and create a tighter ag community. From their shared experiences, friendships are gained and
contacts are made. For South Dakota, that equates to better collaboration, better yields, and a better economy -- driven by our state's No. 1 industry.

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