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Issue Position: Agriculture

Location: Unknown

Standing up for Delaware's Hard-working Farmers

Our nation has long been sustained by the hard work and spirit of its farmers. Delaware in particular has a long history as an agricultural state, and the quality of our produce, poultry, and dairy products are known regionally and globally. One of Chris' priorities as a United States Senator is to stand up for Delaware's farmers and ensure that our state's agricultural sector thrives in the years to come.

Chris' agriculture priorities include:

Reauthorizing the Farm Bill in 2012. We need to take a comprehensive approach to agriculture policy, and this means reauthorizing the farm bill during the 112th Congress. As that process unfolds, Chris will staunchly advocate for the interests of Delaware farmers, especially our state's family farms.

Promoting clean energy and energy efficiency on rural lands. There is great opportunity to bring solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources to our rural communities, which will help save farmers money, reduce energy use, and even generate new revenue streams to help keep our family farmers in business. Chris is also very interested in innovative solutions that convert agricultural produces and waste to energy. Corn husks, switchgrass, barley, and even chicken manure can help fuel a clean energy future.

Assisting farmers in reducing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Many Delawareans are blessed to live in the watershed of the majestic Chesapeake Bay. As such, we have a duty to ensure that future generations can treasure the Chesapeake as much as we do today. Chris is committed to working with his colleagues from watershed states to assist farmers in implementing pollution reductions in accordance with federal Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements in a way that does not overly burden our agricultural communities. Chris believes that pollution-reduction goals should paired with increased funding so farmers can make the necessary investments in conservation practices to help them be the best stewards of the land they can be.

Promoting Delaware's agricultural products abroad. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chris will be working tirelessly to support measures that will increase Delaware's agricultural product export markets.

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