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Issue Position: Tax Reform

Issue Position

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Individual Tax Reform

The current tax system is not only confusing but overly burdensome for the average American taxpayer. In the last 10 years, the tax code has changed more than 4,400 times--and taxpayers are spending $160 billion a year just to comply.

Simplifying the tax code will relieve the weight that's been placed on the backs of citizens and will continue to create positive results from one generation to the next.

Corporate Tax Reform

Corporate tax reform is crucial to the future of our nation. American businesses now pay the highest tax percentage of any country in the world at 35%. When you couple that with complex reporting requirements and lower tax rates among international businesses--competition becomes nearly impossible.

We must create a tax structure which keeps our current businesses here while promoting America as an enticing site for new business opportunities. This will grow our economy, create jobs and sustain our country for the foreseeable future.

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