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Congressman Kissell Warns Trade Deals Likely Before End of July

Press Release

Location: Concord, NC

Congressman Larry Kissell (NC-08) is again leading the fight against unfair and harmful trade deals, warning that the next three pending Free Trade Agreements could be rushed through Congress before the end of July.

A recent announcement from House leadership notes that the Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama will each be considered in Congress in rapid succession within days of each other this summer.

"Just as we saw with NAFTA and CAFTA, poorly crafted trade deals can devastate our economy," Kissell said. "In these pending deals with Korea, Columbia and Panama, Congress is reverting to a failed, cookie-cutter NAFTA approach. These trade deals are bad for my district, bad for our state and are a direct affront to the American worker. I will continue to do everything in my power to defeat these dangerously faulty trade deals."

The bills are being considered under "Fast Track Authority," meaning Congress will not be able to amend the agreements before they are voted on by the House of Representatives.

"The passage of these trade agreements may well benefit the bottom lines of large multinational corporations--but only at the expense of hardworking middle class Americans who simply want a decent wage in order to put food on the table during these trying times," added Kissell. "Our domestic manufacturing sector has been put at a constant disadvantage by the failed policies of folks in Washington. I will not use my vote in Congress to harm American business and American workers."

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