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The Minnesota Independent - Bachmann Targeted in Social Security Anti-Privatization Ad

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Location: Unknown

By Andy Birkey

Americans United for Change has released a new ad featuring Rep. Michele Bachmann. Called "Sneak Attack," the video is part of the group's Strengthen Social Security Campaign, which is targeting Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington and New Hampshire. The ad accuses Bachmann of wanting to privatize Social Security.

The group offers evidence of Bachmann's position, but it includes nothing within the last two years:

Michele Bachmann's Record in Support of Privatizing Social Security

* Bachmann supported private accounts in 2008. In response to a question about how conservatives can promote privatizing Social Security in a way that does not frighten senior citizens, posted online at the website of American Conservative Daily, Bachmann replied: "I believe that we should ensure that those currently receiving Social Security should continue to do so in its current form, but also give a new generation of workers the right to invest some of their money into accounts of their own." [American Conservative Daily, 8/15/08]

* Michele Bachmann favors partial privatization of Social Security along the lines suggested by the Cato Institute. [Star Tribune, 2/21/06]

* "Her political positions reflect her closeness to Bush…Bush's call to create private accounts to supplant Social Security for future generations." [St. Cloud Times, 10/19/06]

* Rep. Bachamann replied "Yes" on question #3 the 2006 the National Taxpayers Union Congressional Candidate surveys: "I will work and vote for a system of Social Security Choice that will allow younger workers to have the choice of investing much of their Social Security taxes in regulated individual retirement accounts." [NTU 2006 Congressional Candidate Survey; accessed 10/1/08]

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